Here’s what our customers and participants say about us:

Our instructor Barbara was fantastic! Her explanations were clear, and she always had a great explanation to any question. Her humor and icebreakers were fun. I would like to attend more trainings with her.

Very well-organized course – flowed logically and focused on practicalities while putting the various elements in context.

I have already applied the knowledge gained in this training several times. I am currently running a TEC and have shared best practices and other tips on what they should and shouldn’t do to produce the highest quality evaluations.

Gary has a great talent to teach complicated things in a simple way. He has a right mix of humor, theoretical knowledge, and practical experience. He is one of the best teachers I had ever seen in my life. He is a tremendously valuable asset to this course. FAR/AIDAR is very complicated area. But thanks to Gary, FAR/AIDAR regulations are well structured in my mind now after this course. It was very late in my country when I was studying this course, but thanks to great skills and efforts of Gary and his team I felt myself full of energy during the course. I will miss Gary, Mark and Jevie a lot! They are such wonderful people!

Even though it was virtual, it was a very inviting atmosphere. The instructors encouraged us to ask questions and intermixed informative lessons with opportunities for more casual conversation.

I enjoyed the online version of this class. I actually enjoyed it more than going into the actual live class. Hopefully more courses would be offered in this format.

Thank you very much for such wonderful training! I received so much positive emotions and very useful and applicable knowledges! It was my first participation in such kind of training. Will be happy to have the opportunity to take the trainings facilitated By Ms. Mollie Allers and Mr. Jeffrey Bell in the future.

I was skeptical of “virtual” part of this course, but the instructors were able to deliver and cover the training material professionally and with so much clarity, that I by the 2 day enjoyed virtual training.

We could not have done this conference without Allegro. From dealing with complicated entry requirements into Ethiopia for 80+ participants, to maintaining the energy, keeping everything on schedule, managing the logistics for 6 amazing school site visits, and the evening cultural events – as both a client and a participant, I felt very supported and cared for and the conference was a huge hit!

We hired Allegro to support our A&A for several months and every consultant on the team was amazing. They hit the ground running and produced more work than I had hoped for. They were also able to create some impromptu brown bag lunches for the Mission and all attendees received FAC-COR CLPs. Money well spent.

Allegro saved our company. Our policies and procedures were outdated and addressed only one set of donor regulations. Allegro completely re-wrote all of our policies and procedures to address all of our clients as well as incorporating our internal procedures. Barbara led the process with professionalism and a suburb understanding of the international development environment in which we operate. The documents are written in such a friendly manner – clear and concise!